Verizon Notice to clients

From: Verizon Online []
Sent: Tuesday, May 04, 2010 4:19 PM
To: Valued Verizon Customer
Subject: Important Changes to your Verizon FiOS Email Account


Dear Verizon Online Customer,

As Verizon enters 2010, we continue our efforts to enhance the online experience as well as ensure security for our Internet customers. To combat spam, Verizon Online is modifying its email configuration settings for outgoing emails. Therefore, you may also have to modify settings in your email account configuration no later than June 8, 2010 to ensure your ongoing ability to send outgoing emails. Please review the following for any impacts to your email account:

Web-based Email Users

  • If you use a web browser to send either Verizon or non-Verizon email, there is no need to make any changes to your settings.

Email Program Users (Outlook®, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc)

  • If you use a non-Verizon account such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or AOL to send your emails through a program like Outlook®, Thunderbird or MacMail, you will need to make a simple change to your 'Server Port Number' setting in your email account - change the 'Server Port 25' setting to 'Server Port 587' setting. Visit for the quick and easy instructions on how to modify this setting.

Thanks for being a valued Verizon Online customer and we encourage you to act now to ensure your email account is updated prior to June 8, 2010.

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Verizon Online

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